AZ Pumpkin Weighing Competition

Apr 7, 2018
by Luis Rios

                  4th Annual

         AZGPG Spring Giant           Vegetable Championships

             Hosted by: SEA OF GREEN


The Arizona Giant Pumpkin Growers Association (AZGPG), and the Arizona State Fair, are being hosted by Sea of Green on May 12, 2018, at 9:00 AM, to determine who has grown the heaviest, or longest, giant vegetables in Arizona.

Sea of Green, located at 1828 E. University Dr. #11, in Tempe, Arizona, will welcome all growers, and their giant vegetables, to its location to help determine who has grown the largest vegetables; and whether they are indeed Arizona State Records.


The AZGPG promotes the hobby of gardening with a focus placed on the fun of competition and the production of obscenely large healthy vegetables – to include giant pumpkins.  It encourages, as well as recognizes, all fruits and vegetables on the international competition list.  For a complete list of eligible vegetables visit the AZGPG website:


The competition will include all 37 international classes; nine of which are considered featured classes. and the AZGPG will accept all giant vegetables to be weighed, or measured, in accordance with international rules.  The nine featured classes are:


  1. Heaviest Giant Pumpkin                       6.  Heaviest Tomato
  2. Heaviest Giant Squash                         7.  Heaviest Chile Pepper
  3. Heaviest Field Pumpkin                                    8.  Longest Chile Pepper
  4. Heaviest Watermelon                            9.  Longest Gourd
  5. Heaviest Bushel Gourd


The competition is an official Arizona State Fair event.  All entries will be judged; then a picture of the vegetable on the scale, along with the AZGPG entry form, will be forwarded to the Arizona State Fair Horticulture Committee for consideration of further awards (those awards are made at the end of the annual State Fair).

The Arizona Giant Pumpkin Growers Association (AZGPG), Sea of Green, and the Arizona State Fair Horticulture Department wants to encourage everyone to try and grow something BIG in 2018.


While growing giant pumpkins is sure a lot of fun, we recognize not everyone has the space available to grow a giant pumpkin.  Therefore, its hoped growers will find a vegetable that can grow to an amazing weight, or an unbelievable length, in their backyard; community garden plot; on a patio; or, in a greenhouse.  Vegetables can be grown in traditional garden soil, in modified soil inside a greenhouse; a planter on the patio; or hydroponically.  It is our hope you will want to possibly grow a giant tomato, giant carrot, giant chile pepper, -- or some other vegetable from the list of vegetables on the AZGPG webpage.


Arizona has two distinctive seasons (Spring and Fall); as well as two distinct regions (Desert and Mountain).  Because of the variances in weather conditions, the AZGPG holds two Giant Vegetable Championships (Spring and Fall) each year.  This allows competitors/growers from all over Arizona to grow during their locales natural seasons; and show their giant vegetables at either of the AZGPG events.  State Champions are not named until after the Fall event to allow all Arizona growers a chance to grow and show their giants.


The 37 Internationally accepted classes are as follows:


Amaranth (Tall)                           Celery (Heavy)                            Leek (Heavy)                                                 Pumpkin (Heavy)

Beetroot (Heavy)                         Chile Pepper (Heavy)                 Long Gourd (Long)                                         Radish (Heavy)

Beetroot (Long)                            Chile Pepper (Long)                    Marrow (Heavy)                                            Runner Beans (Long)

Bell Pepper (Heavy)                    Corn Stalk (Tall)                          Yard Long Cucumber (Long)                        Rutabaga/Swede (Heavy)

Bushel Gourd (Heavy)                Cucumber (Heavy)                     Onion (Heavy)                                               Squash (Heavy)

Cabbage, Green (Heavy)            Cucumber (Long)                        Parsnip (Heavy)                                            Sunflower (Head)

Cabbage. Red (Heavy)               Field Pumpkin (Heavy)               Parsnip (Long)                                               Sunflower (Tall)

Cantaloupe (Heavy)                    Garlic (Heavy)                             Peppers, Sweet (Heavy)                               Tomato (Heavy)

Carrot (Heavy)                            Kohlrabi (Heavy)                         Potato (Heavy)                                               Watermelon (Heavy)

Carrot (Long)


To learn more about each of these competitive vegetables, please visit the AZGPG website at:


Why grow big? Apart from pure competitiveness, there are other tangible reasons why some gardeners prefer to grow for bulk rather than quality.


The first is that size is an absolute, not subject to the aesthetic preferences and individual tastes of judges: the scales and the tape measure are the only arbiters, ruling out any suspicion of prejudice.


The second is the sheer scale of the challenge. The production of swollen or extended vegetables is difficult and all-consuming, requiring high levels of expertise, ingenuity, and dedication.


We hope you will join us, and “Grow ‘Em Big!”



The Arizona Giant Pumpkin Growers Association (AZGPG) is a tax-exempt 501(C)3 nonprofit corporation. The AZGPG provides hand-on teaching support to gardeners, and horticulturists, seeking to grow giant pumpkins and other giant vegetables.  It encourages hobby growers to participate in giant pumpkin (giant vegetable) weigh-offs at festivals and fairs held locally, regionally, or nationally.


The AZGPG Spring Vegetable Championships is considered an official Arizona State Fair event.  All entries will be judged and a picture of the vegetable on the scale, along with the AZGPG entry form, will be forwarded to the State Fair Horticulture Committee for consideration and awards.


The event has been accredited by Team-Pumpkin as an official international weigh-off site. Participants not only compete amongst themselves but also internationally with growers of giant vegetables around the world.  This level of competition creates opportunities for the AZGPG to show what can be accomplished in Arizona and the Southwest Desert.


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