Nutrilife SM-90

Nutrilife SM-90

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SM-90 is a great product for any nutrient regiment. SM-90 has many extra benefits and is favorite of Sea of Greens for maintaining healthy gardens. We have had customers say it provided control of unwanted garden visitors including such as spider mites and fungus gnats. SM-90 also is a natural pH and water surfactant up so when used as a foliar feed, unwanted spores fail to colonize, and your leaves will have a shiny healthy luster. SM-90 when mixed in with a nutrient solution basically makes water wetter and hydrates substrates better, while helping with rootzone and inhibiting unwanted problems.

The organic composition of SM-90 results in its ability to be bio-degradable and also non-toxic to humans, animals and plants. When added in small quantities directly to plant nutrient solutions, new root growth emerges. Treated plants develop greater root area, root runs and exhibit generally better root development.

How to Use

  • For Hydroponics Mix 2-3ml/Gallon,with regular feed regiment, add whenever reservoirs are changed.
  • For Coco coir or Soil add 2-3ml/Gallon, with weekly or bi weekly feedings.
  • For Foliar Feedling Dilute 1 part SM-90 : 5 parts Water repeat every 3 days, up to 3 separate applications

Contains Non-Plant Food Ingredient:

  • 1.00% Coriander Oil
  • 94.00% Sulphonated Canola Oil Solution
  • 5.00% Triethanolamine