ProKure V

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ProKure V Is a Chlorine Dioxide spray that cleans and disinfects a wide range of surfaces. ProKure V is a safe, effective, hospital grade solution for cleaning, sanitizing, disinfecting and deodorizing. When combined with cool water, ProKure V generates a liquid solution of chlorine dioxide (ClO2) that begins to kill pathogens on any surface within seconds.ProKure V can be applied by spraying, pouring, and mopping, and its neutral pH makes it compatible with almost any surface. Control odors, mold and bacteria with confidence.ProKure V pouches come in several sizes, depending upon the application. When combined with the appropriate amount of water, one pouch creates a potent disinfectant that will stop the toughest of pathogens. In addition, ProKure V is an excellent solution for large or small applications to remove foul odors. Once used, these pouches are safe to dispose of in any refuse container.Purchase Containers Separately, Should be used within 30 days.Safe in hydroponics reservoirs @ 2.5ppm- 5ppm. If running beneficials, reinoculate after 48 hours of ProKure application