Beginner's Grow Kit



Everything You Need To Grow Your First Indoor Plant

Take the guesswork out of  your buds and use Sea of Green’s easy to assemble Beginner's Grow Kit! At Sea of Green, we strive put our experience and knowledge right at our customers' fingertips.  That's why we've included a detailed instruction booklet with full color illustration. 

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Our Beginner's Grow Kit was designed with the novice in mind, but includes materials used by the best hydroponics operators in the US.
  • Tried and true bucket kit that’s light-proof, keeping your plants in the safest environment for quality growth at an affordable price
  • Includes all-in-one nutrient solutions, guaranteeing rapid growth for both the vegetative and flowering stages of your new plants
  • Discreet and water resistant air pump with air stone to ensure healthy roots and higher yields with very little maintenance
  • Includes detailed assembly instructions so you can start growing in less than an hour with expert guidance
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We here at Sea of Green want to see you save dough when you grow. We have taken our decades of experience as the southwest’s premier hydroponics store and grow consultancy and created the only single plant grow kit you’ll need.

What's Included:

  • 5 Gallon Bucket with 8" Mesh Lid
  • 5 Liters Hydroton Grow Rocks
  • Single Air Pump
  • 8oz CNS17 Grow + CNS17 Bloom Formula Nutrients
  • Medium Air Stone


Detailed Package Information:
  • Your 5-gallon bucket kit is a tried and true hydroponics system that takes the guesswork and frustration out of learning the art of growing without soil. The bucket is made of ABS plastic and is light-proof. Both are essential qualities for a successful system because you want a plastic that does not leech when exposed to ultraviolet light and keeps the roots in the dark and cozy environment for rapid growth. The 8” aero pot is designed to fit these buckets, snaps in with a seal, and its high-grade durable plastic will provide years of continual plant growth.
  • The Botanicare CNS17 Grow and CNS17 Bloom are easy to use, all-in-one nutrient solutions guaranteed to keep your plants healthy. These fertilizers will give your plants all the macro, micro, and trace elements needed for steady, rapid growth. You will use the CNS17 Grow for the vegetative stage of growth and the CNS17 Bloom when going into flowering. These formulas are great as stand-alone base fertilizers but will also work well in conjunction with other additives.
  • The Eco Air 1 Single output air pump is ultra quiet, water resistant, and comes with a one-year warranty. We package this air pump with a medium round air stone to provide micro diffused dissolved oxygen to the reservoir, ensuring healthy white roots. The pump is rated for 168 liters/hr (443 gal/hr) of air with an adjustable knob and only uses 2 watts of power.
  • You'll receive four 1” Grodan Rockwool cube starters to drop your seedlings into to get them started. We also include lightweight, porous and pH-neutral Hydroton clay pebbles. These reusable pebbles are a standard for hydroponics that you can use as a sterile medium or inoculated with friendly bacteria in the root zone.