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Dragon XL1200

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The Dragon XL is Scynce LED's flagship, high output, small footprint, indoor warehouse or greenhouse solution. With up to 1200w of power, it projects more light onto and into the canopy than any other comparable light. The XL utilizes active cooling with specialized exhaust chambers that help promote transpiration, while the waterproof housing allows it to perform year-in and year-out no matter the environment you need it to operate in.
Suggested Applications: Scynce's patented optics deliver ppfd via a patented high-angle beam designed to perform in a tent (home growers)  or multi-row "array" setup (commercial growers).
Spectrum & Tunability: 4 wirelessly tuneable spectrum channels; Cool (6500k), Natural (4000k), Warm (2700k) and isolated 660nm Red.  
THEIA Wireless Control App: Offers spectrum tuning, intensity dimming, scheduling, and cloud storage to save custom light recipes all via your phone or tablet.
Dragon XL1200
Dimensions: 48.5” x 7” x 5”
Power: 1200w
Optics: 120 degree lenses
Coverage Area: 6'x'4
Tent Suggestion: 5x5
Included: Mounting Brackets & Pulley Ropes

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