Solar System Controller






Compact touch screen controller can connect to an unlimited number of SolarSystem 1100, 550, or 275 LED fixtures and offers 24-hour and week by week timer. The controller regulates three spectrum bands for best growth.

Automated sunrise/sunset, veg/bloom and seasonal programs. Built-in manual and automatic routines as well as fully user programmable modes. The SolarSystem controller puts you in control of your garden. A single controller can automate a single light in a grow tent or a 1000 light commercial operation and controls all the lighting products in the SolarSystem series. Maximize your yield while minimizing power consumption.


    • Controls Separate UVB and Far Red Modules
    • Optional Photo Sensor Available for Sunlight Balancing in Greenhouses
    • Green Backlit Touch Screen
    • Automatic Dual Voltage Power Supply
    • 120/240 V
    • Uses Standard RJ11 Data Cables.
    • Automatically Program any Growth Stage or Spectrum Mix. 
    • Customized Strain Specific Grow Schedules
    • Separate Natural White View Mode
    • A Single Controller Runs an Unlimited Number of Lights
    • Automated Sunrise/Sunset for Better Daily Growth
    • Digital Timer Eliminates the Need for External Timers or Contactors
    • Day, Week or Seasonal Programming
    • Smooth Transitions from Veg to Bloom

    Suggested Spectrum Settings 

    Seedling  – R39 W49 B99

    Veg – R50 W99 B99

    Pre-Flower – R99 W99 B50

    Flower – R99 W99 B40

    Finishing – R39 W99 B99

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