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SolarSystem 275 Programmable


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The SolarSystem 275 is suited for commercial, greenhouse, and personal growers. Able to cover a 3 x 3 foot bloom area and 5 x 5 foot vegetative area, it draws a maximum of 200 watts, saving energy and cost. It is a revolution in UVB grow lights. This LED grow light system provides all the benefits of programmable spectrum control, meaning an unlimited potential for all types of growing operations.

Using all parts of the light spectrum focuses energy into wavelengths plants need to thrive. This commercial greenhouse lighting solution promotes all key biochemical and biophysical processes and helps drive photosynthesis, a natural process in which plants draw energy from sunlight to grow. Its full-spectrum grow lights can be dynamically controlled to adapt to each individual operation and phase of the plant cycle.

The SolarSystem 275 is not like ordinary greenhouse grow lamps. Heat output is minimal, and each of our horticulture LED lights can be used individually or chained together. Our UVB grow lights are highly flexible, which is further enhanced by the product’s dimming capability. It also requires little maintenance, so lifetime operating costs and convenience plus easy installation make your investment worthwhile.

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