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Spring Pot Sequoia 100 Gallon Tan w/ Vertical Supports

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Sequoia Spring Pots are the only fabric grow bag on the market to stand up by themselves making filling a safe one-person or one-loader job. Sequoias’ rigidity is achieved by an internal rigid upper rim and fiberglass poles that can be inserted vertically—giving the pots sidewall support. The rigid upper rim of the Sequoia means no more rim flop-over like the competition, limiting wasted water and nutrients and saving you money from filling to harvest. Sequoias’ tan fabric offers superior UV protection, aerates root structure, and releases harmful heat from the root zone. Every Sequoia has upper Velcro® tie-down straps to tie down branches, hold irrigation lines, or stakes in place. When not in use, Sequoias twist and fold down flat to 1/3 diameter for easy storage. These items are special order.

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